The Bomber Jacket: A Crash Course on a Versatile Casual Staple

Greetings, gents! Today, we are taking you into the world of bomber jackets.

The bomber is a jacket that has a place in your wardrobe year-round. The bomber used to be a standard-looking jacket for decades but now comes in a variety of fabrics, prints and colors. You can even wear them to the office with a tie these days. With the range of options available, the jacket can be a supporting element or a statement piece.

Layer up!

When it comes to the season, the jacket you will want will depend on the material and the color. For the fall and winter, you’ll rely on leather, suede, khaki, nylon and polyester in darker colors like brown, olive, navy and burgundy. Meanwhile in the spring, you can find jackets made with cotton and linen blends in a variety of lighter colors, such as sand, white, pink, yellow and blue. Even in the warmer months, these jackets will typically be on the heavier side but don’t let that turn you off. They will still come in handy during cooler mornings, late nights and all of the places you will be that go overboard with their air conditioning.

Jackets come in a variety of colors and fabrics. The olive green jacket above is a solid choice for fall – for the color and the thick twill cotton.
The blue jacket is a linen cotton blend that allows more breathability during the summer months.

A bomber can be worn with any kind of shirt – solid, printed, button down or t-shirt. If you are new to the jacket game, play it safe with some non-offensive colors like navy, grey and burgundy. If you already have a fun and eclectic wardrobe, grab a jacket with a fun print or pattern like paisley or stripes, or pick a bright solid color.

If it helps, you can look at the bomber jacket as the casual counterpart to the blazer. It’s meant to mix-and-match with more than one outfit and should stay in your wardrobe for years. If you need further inspiration, take a look at the many different options below! Otherwise, let us know how you like to style this wardrobe staple!

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