2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for inspiration this holiday season? Having trouble finding a gift for the gent who has everything?

Freddy and I put our heads together and came up with several gifts that are practical, stylish, refined and universal. Holiday shopping is challenging enough, between the weather, availability and let’s not even start with mall parking! We think the gifts below, ranging from stocking stuffers to every day essentials will do the trick for the dapper individual you have in mind. Read on and let us know what you think!

Bold Socks

Socks! Just like your grandparents would get you for Christmas! Well, not quite.

Happy Socks and Sprezzabox break the mold when it comes to covering your ankles, whether you’re in the office or out on the town. Bold, colorful prints can make a statement or simply compliment your outfit. Who likes matching their socks with the color of their shoes or pants anyway?

Freddy’s pick is Happy Socks, and for good reason. We love Happy Socks not only because they look great, but they are very comfortable and can last for years. I feel the same way about Sprezzabox, whose claim to fame is the original monthly subscription box of mens’ dapper accessories. Sprezza offers socks a la carte on their website, some of which are produced under their own brand while other sock offerings come courtesy of other brands they have partnered with. I would say Happy Socks offers the best fun, bold designs, while Sprezza socks are perfect for coordinating with your outfit. Sprezza is also a good fit if your workplace has a conservative dress code.

Quite simply, these are not your granddad’s dress socks. With so many options out there (including bundles and discounts), you can get a few pairs as stocking stuffers without breaking the bank. Socks are a great way to add some color and a personal touch to any outfit.

Custom dress shirt (Gift card)

Let’s face it: no matter how much you pay or where you shop, no off the rack dress shirt will ever look, fit or feel as great as a custom made to order dress shirt. Every body is different and what you may not realize is there are about a dozen measurements that go into making a dress shirt. On top of that, every person has a different preference of how a shirt should fit.

Freddy and I can speak from experience. Having a tall and slender build, I always ended up with excess fabric in the torso and arms, even with most “skinny fits,” or I found the sleeves to be too short. Freddy usually ran into issues with fit around the neck, making it hard to wear a tie. Alterations can fix excess fabric but they can’t fix everything and the cost racks up quickly.

That’s why we recommend getting a gift card at a shop that specializes in made-to-measure shirts. Freddy’s picks are Indochino and Suitsupply/ They offer a great and unique personal experience, featuring many high quality fabrics and hands-on expertise. Although you may occasionally run into pushy sales associates at SuitSupply (my personal experience included), these brands are known for their suiting and top-notch materials so you can be sure you will be getting a solid product that will last.

I swear by Proper Cloth and their online platform, which offers tons of great fabrics and unique designs. You can provide your exact measurements if you have the, or you can follow their survey to find your measurements for you. Alternately, you can visit their store in SoHo, Manhattan to get your measurements in person but NYC is their sole location. To take the stress out of getting your fit right, they will give you a free remake after your first order. I have ordered six shirts from them so far… just saying!

Gift cards can be purchased from the stores below. Happy shopping!

Wireless charging pad

Tethered no more! From the nightstand to the desk at work, a wireless charger makes a statement while also making life so much easier. The aesthetic of these chargers is pleasing to the eye, plus no more fumbling with cords! Did I mention how your life will drastically improve without cords?! Yes, this one is personal.

We think the following wireless chargers will be well-received:


This will resonate with many of us. Are you prone to misplacing your keys, wallet or TV remote? Think of those moments where you’re rushing out the door and you are scrambling to find everything last minute. We have all been there, and if this is you every morning before work, we think we have found the solution.

Next time you can’t find your keys or that remote that some people never put back (we know, it definitely wasn’t you!), simply open the Tile app on your phone, click “find it” on the corresponding Tile device and then a tune will play to help you find the device.


As we age, we begin to appreciate the finer things in life and good whiskey should be one of them. And we’re not talking about Jack Daniels. Real American whiskey and bourbon uses better ingredients and a more advanced aging process to give it a smoother, complex taste. The “good stuff” should be savored on its own or in an old fashioned, and never mixed with cola.

Whether the gent in your life is a beginner or a whiskey connoisseur, the following varieties will be a hit. (Prices vary location to location)

Quality and value

  • Woodford Reserve – $37
  • Jefferson’s Very Small Batch – $35

Top shelf

  • Jefferson’s Aged at Sea – $80
  • Widow Jane 8-year – $70


An overcoat (often called a top coat) is a wardrobe essential. It elevates any look, it compliments all body types, and most importantly, it keeps you warm. If the guy you are shopping for does not have one yet – or may want a few more in their rotation, this time of year is perfect to buy one. You can buy overcoats anywhere and they are on sale everywhere. Between Black Friday and the upcoming post holiday sales, coats can be found as low as $90.

We recommend acquiring a few in different colors – it’s fun to mix and match your coat with your outfits and you never know when you may need dry cleaning. 😉

Below are a few stores with direct links to the coat departments.


A fedora or flatcap will be a welcome wardrobe addition, whether the person on your list is an avid collector or needs to upgrade from that worn out trucker hat from college. And from a practicality standpoint, every gent has a cranium and we lose a significant amount of heat through our heads in the winter cold.

With all of the different shapes, colors, sizes and accessories out there, there is a hat for everyone. There are plenty of online options but if you have a haberdasher near you, they can help you find the right hat for that special someone. Below are a few specific picks, followed by wider selections.

More options: Goorin.com and Nordstrom.com


If there’s one thing that’s true in this world, it’s that you can never have too many watches. From MVMT to Movado, every watch is unique, tells a story and serves a purpose. The easiest “type” of watch to buy is the every day watch – something that’s not too flashy, easily matches your outfit and will withstand daily use.

More options: MVMT.com (20% off during holiday sale) and Nordstrom.com

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