Whiskey Tasting Recap

Friends! So much has changed over the past month. It has only been close to four weeks since our last meetup but the event feels much more meaningful and nostalgic as we look back from where we stand today. Yes, I have taken quite a while to get the photos ready but hopefully the delay... Continue Reading →

Overcoats 101

Greetings, friends! We're back with another winter wardrobe feature - the overcoat. The iconic overcoat is not only a winter essential; it's a must in any wardrobe. It gives off a refined aesthetic, keeps most of you warm, and it goes with anything. There's a reason it's worn by everyone from the average joe to... Continue Reading →

2020 Fashion Brunch Recap

Brunch comes and goes but the memories last forever! Sad you missed the brunch? Did you attend but forgot to snap some pics? Rest assured, we have you covered! Our favorite photographer @shots_by_mel captured the moments and you can download the memories from the gallery below. Southern Cross Kitchen graciously hosted the 2020 Fashion Brunch,... Continue Reading →

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for inspiration this holiday season? Having trouble finding a gift for the gent who has everything? Freddy and I put our heads together and came up with several gifts that are practical, stylish, refined and universal. Holiday shopping is challenging enough, between the weather, availability and let's not even start with mall parking! We... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Philly Gents!

Philly Gents is a platform for lifestyle, networking and self-development content for all of us in the Philadelphia area. We aim to build a community of local professionals, content creators and entrepreneurs, one event - and one post at a time. While you’re here, check out our Instagram @PhillyGents and subscribe to our blog via... Continue Reading →

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